What is Express Points rewards?

Express Points is a Free rewards program offered by Friendly Express to our customers to say "Thank You!" for being such a loyal customer.

How do I sign up?

You can pick up an enrollment form at any Friendly Express location, fill it out and give back to the store. We are currently making updates to our online loyalty section. Check back with us soon!

Where can I find a list of Friendly Express, Inc. locations?

You can find all of our locations here.

When do my rewards points start counting?


If I haven’t used my card in a while, do I lose my points or does my card expire?

Neither your points or your card will ever expire.

Is my Express Points card a debit card?

Yes, it can be. If you decide to enroll in that functionality of the card, you may use your card as a payment card. It will be treated like a debit card and take the transaction amount out of your checking account. If you chose to pay for gas with your card, and the purchases is 10 gallons or more, you will receive a $.05 per gallon discount on your next gas purchase.

How do I know what rewards are available?

A complete list of rewards, and the points needed to redeem them, is available here. There are brochures in our stores that explain this is a well.

How do I redeem my Express Points?

It's easy to redeem points. Just visit any participating Friendly Express store. Enjoy discounts on gas and inside the store purchases.

Do all my purchases qualify for points?

You earn points for all purchases for net dollars spent made at all participating locations except tobacco products, lottery, money orders, phone cards and gift card purchases.

Is there a minimum purchase to earn Express Points?

No. Points are earned for all sale amounts.

How do I find out how many Express Points I have?

Your balance can be obtained at any participating Friendly Express store. We are currently making updates to our loyalty website. Check back with us soon!

Does the point total on my receipt include points I received for the current transaction?

Yes. Points are credited to your account immediately. Your receipts, whether received inside or at the pump, display your points earned today, as well as a total point balance.

Can two (or more) cards be on the same account?


What are the enrollment requirements?

Customers are required to give us certain information. The minimum, we ask for is your name, address, cell phone number or email address. Why? If you forget your Express Points card, the phone numbers on your account can be used as an alternate ID during checkout for the same benefits. The information also ensures that we can inform you of special discounts, and transfer your points to a new card if your card is lost or stolen.

Will Friendly Express sell a customer's personal information?

No. It is solely for internal purposes.

What happens if the system goes off line?

All data is saved and is applied when the system comes back up.

Why does my 1,000 points earned for using my card as a debit card not reflect on my receipts?

The 1,000 points is given after the transaction is complete. Therefore, it will not print on the receipt. If you wish, you can ask our employee to print out a point balance after the transaction has had time to reach our loyalty host. This is usually just a few seconds but may take more time if our network has some interruptions.